FileList.h File Reference

#include "NativeFeatureIncludes.h"
#include "Export.h"
#include "DS_List.h"
#include "RakMemoryOverride.h"
#include "RakNetTypes.h"
#include "FileListNodeContext.h"
#include "RakString.h"


struct  RakNet::FileListNode
 Represents once instance of a file. More...
class  RakNet::FileListProgress
 Callback interface set with FileList::SetCallback() in case you want progress notifications when FileList::AddFilesFromDirectory() is called. More...
class  RakNet::FLP_Printf
 Implementation of FileListProgress to use RAKNET_DEBUG_PRINTF. More...


namespace  RakNet
 Simple class to send changes between directories. In essence, a simple autopatcher that can be used for transmitting levels, skins, etc.

Detailed Description

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