TwoWayAuthentication.h File Reference

Implements two way authentication. More...

#include "NativeFeatureIncludes.h"
#include "SHA1.h"
#include "PluginInterface2.h"
#include "RakMemoryOverride.h"
#include "NativeTypes.h"
#include "RakString.h"
#include "DS_Hash.h"
#include "DS_Queue.h"


class  RakNet::TwoWayAuthentication
 Implements two way authentication. More...


namespace  RakNet
 Simple class to send changes between directories. In essence, a simple autopatcher that can be used for transmitting levels, skins, etc.

Detailed Description

Implements two way authentication.

Given two systems, each of whom known a common password, verify the password without transmitting it This can be used to determine what permissions are should be allowed to the other system

This file is part of RakNet Copyright 2003 Jenkins Software LLC

Usage of RakNet is subject to the appropriate license agreement.

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