Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
RakNet::AcceptInvite_FuncAccept an invitation from a user to a room
RakNet::AddUserToQuickJoin_FuncEnter quick join mode
RakNet::AreAllMembersReady_FuncIf all members have been set to ready using SetReadyStatus_Func, this operation will set allReady to true
RakNet::AutopatcherRepositoryInterfaceAn interface used by AutopatcherServer to get the data necessary to run an autopatcher. This is up to you to implement for custom repository solutions
RakNet::AutopatcherServerThe server plugin for the autopatcher. Must be running for the client to get patches
RakNet::AutopatcherServerLoadNotifier::AutopatcherStateCurrent queue state of the autopatcher
RakNet::AutopatcherServerLoadNotifier_PrintfSample implementation of AutopatcherServerLoadNotifier using printf
DataStructures::AVLBalancedBinarySearchTree< BinarySearchTreeType >An AVLBalancedBinarySearchTree is a binary tree that is always balanced
DataStructures::BinarySearchTree< BinarySearchTreeType >A binary search tree and an AVL balanced binary search tree
RakNet::Bitstream_FuncSend an arbitrary binary message
RakNet::Bitstream_NotificationYou got a generic bitstream message from another user
RakNet::BookmarkedUsers_AddRemembers a user, with a type integer and description for you to use, if desired
RakNet::BookmarkedUsers_GetReturns all users added to BookmarkedUsers_Add
RakNet::BookmarkedUsers_RemoveRemove a user added with BookmarkedUsers_Add
DataStructures::BPlusTree< KeyType, DataType, order >
RakNet::CDKey_AddAdds CDKeys to the database. Duplicate CDKeys for a particular title are ignored. CDKeys can be identical for different titles
RakNet::CDKey_FlagStolenFlags one or more CD keys as stolen. Stolen CD keys will prevent Client_Login() if check cd key is true. They will also prevent these cd keys from being used with CDKey_Use. If this key is already in use by certain users for this particular title, then log this similarly to how CDKey_Use does so
RakNet::CDKey_GetStatusReturns if a CD key was previously added with AddCDKey
RakNet::CDKey_UseAssociates a cd key with a user, such that the cd key cannot be used again. If Client_Login() is called with check cd key as true, then this table will be checked to make sure UserCDKey() was previously called with this user and a valid key. If this user is already associated with a CD Key, add the new key, and use the most recent key. All CD Key usage should be logged in a separate table, including the date used and result
RakNet::ChangeHandle_FuncChange your handle
RakNet::ChangeRoomName_FuncChange the name of the room
RakNet::ChangeSlotCounts_FuncChange the allowed slot counts for the room. Setting fewer slot counts than the number of players does not kick out players, though it may prevent changing spectator status
RakNet::Chat_FuncSend a chat message
RakNet::Chat_NotificationYou got a chat message from another user
CheckSumGenerates and validates checksums
DataStructures::CircularLinkedList< CircularLinkedListType >(Circular) Linked List ADT (Doubly Linked Pointer to Node Style) -
RakNet::Clans_AcceptJoinInvitationIf myPrimaryKey has an invitation to the specified clan, add him to the clan. Fail on specified output parameters. Use Emails_Send() to send an email from myPrimaryKey to all clan members with the specified subject and body
RakNet::Clans_AcceptJoinRequestA clan leader or subleader accepts a join request from requestingUserHandle to this clan. requestingUserHandle joins the clan as a regular member. Use Emails_Send() to send an email from requestingUserHandle to all clan members with the specified subject and body
RakNet::Clans_ChangeHandleRenames the clan. Note that this may be called asynchronously, in which case the stored procedure should account for this occuring at the same time as another function that uses the old clan handle
RakNet::Clans_CreateUserHandle updates the clanDescription and clanBinaryData of a clan with the specified clanHandle. userHandle must be the clan leader
RakNet::Clans_CreateBoardCreates a new clan board for clan members to post in using AddPostToClanBoard. Clan boards are unique, and are destroyed when the clan is destroyed, or if DestroyClanBoard is called
RakNet::Clans_CreateNewTopicEach clan has a clan board that only clan members can post to. This adds a topic to the clan board. Posts should reference the primary key of the poster, so that even if the poster chagnes his or her handle, the post author is updated properly. Each post automatically stores the timestamp when it was created. Banned users may not add new posts to the clan board
RakNet::Clans_DestroyBoardSuccess, invalid parameter syntax, myPrimaryKey is not the leader or subleader of clanHandle, unknown myPrimaryKey, unknown clanHandle, unknown clanBoardName
RakNet::Clans_DownloadInvitationListReturns all invites sent by Clans_SendJoinInvitation that were not yet acted upon (withdrawn, accepted, rejected)
RakNet::Clans_DownloadRequestListReturns all open requests this user has sent to clans, that have not yet acted upon (withdrawn, accepted, rejected, expired)
RakNet::Clans_GetReturns all clans that userHandle is a member of. Clans and clan members should be sorted by name, using ascending or descending sort as specified
RakNet::Clans_GetBlacklistReturns a list of all members blacklisted from this clan. Each element in the list contains the handle of the user that did the ban, who was banned, when the user was banned, and the reason passed to ClanKickAndBlacklistUser
RakNet::Clans_GetBoardsGets clan boards created for clanHandle. Boards are returned if we are a clan member, or if allowPublicReads in Clans_CreateBoard() was passed as false. However, if we are banned from this clan, no boards are returned
RakNet::Clans_GetListReturns all clans names
RakNet::Clans_GetMemberPropertiesReturns properties for a clan member of a given clan
RakNet::Clans_GetMembersReturns all clan members for this clan. Each entry returned contains handle, description, binary data, status (leader, regular member, subleader)
RakNet::Clans_GetPostsGets all posts for a particular topic. If postId is not a topic but is instead a post in a topic, treat it as if the topic postId was passed. If we are not a clan member and the clan was created with allowPublicReads==false, then the user is not allowed to read topics
RakNet::Clans_GetPropertiesReturns clanDescription and clanBinaryData for the given clan
RakNet::Clans_GetTopicsGets topics (posts that are not replies to other posts, created with Clans_CreateTopic()) for the specified clanHandle and clanBoardName. If we are not a clan member and the clan was created with allowPublicReads==false, then the user is not allowed to read topics
RakNet::Clans_GrantLeaderMyPrimaryKey becomes a subleader. newLeaderHandle becomes the leader. An email is sent with Emails_Send() to all members with the specified subject and body
RakNet::Clans_KickAndBlacklistUserKicks a user from the clan and/or blacklists a user so they cannot join. Only a clan leader or subleader can perform this operation. The operation can only be performed on members of lower status (leader can perform on subleader or regular member or nonmember, subleader on regular members or nonmember). If a member is banned, they are added to the banned table which contains the member's primary key, which user banned them, and the reason. Email is sent from myPrimaryKey to all leaders if a clan member is banned. Emails is furthermore sent to all clan members if successfully kicked
RakNet::Clans_LeaveRemove user identified by myPrimaryKey from clan identified by clanHandle
RakNet::Clans_RejectJoinInvitationIf we have an open clan invitation, reject it (just delete it from the database)
RakNet::Clans_RejectJoinRequestRejects a clan join request from requestingUserHandle. Send an email from myPrimaryKey to requestingUserHandle with the specified subject and body
RakNet::Clans_RemovePostThe clan leader or subleaders may remove posts or topics from a clan board
RakNet::Clans_ReplyToTopicReplies to a topic created with Clans_CreateTopic(). If postId references a post within a topic, just add the reply to the last post. Banned users may not add new posts to the clan board
RakNet::Clans_SendJoinInvitationIf myPrimaryKey is a leader or subleader of clanHandle, and invitedUserHandle is a valid user not already invited to this clan, add this user to the invite table. The invite table contains the clan, who send the invite, and who the invite was sent to, and when it was sent. Invites expire after expiration time in seconds. Also, use Emails_Send() to send an email from myPrimaryKey to invitedUserHandle with the specified subject and body
RakNet::Clans_SendJoinRequestFunction has two forms:
RakNet::Clans_SetMemberRankLets the clan leader set the rank property for a clan member
RakNet::Clans_SetMyMemberPropertiesEach member of each clan has the the properties clanMemberDescription and clanMemberBinaryData which default to empty. These properties can be set here, and retrieved via GetClanMemberProperties
RakNet::Clans_SetPropertiesUserHandle updates the clanDescription and clanBinaryData of a clan with the specified clanHandle. userHandle must be the clan leader
RakNet::Clans_SetSubleaderStatusPromotes a clan member to a subleader, or demotes a subleader to a regular member. On promotion, email is sent to all members from myPrimary key with the specified subject and body. On demotion, email is sent to all leaders from myPrimary key with the specified subject and body
RakNet::Clans_UnblacklistUserRemoves a user from the blacklist for this clan
RakNet::Clans_WithdrawJoinInvitationIf myPrimaryKey is a leader or subleader of clanHandle, and invitedUserHandle is a valid user with an invite to this clan, remove this invite. Also, use Emails_Send() to send an email from myPrimaryKey to invitedUserHandle with the specified subject and body
RakNet::Clans_WithdrawJoinRequestWithdraws a previously sent clan join request via SendClanJoinRequest. Use Emails_Send() to send an email from myPrimaryKey to the clan leader and all subleaders with the specified subject and body
RakNet::Client_ChangeHandleChanges the handle for a user
RakNet::Client_GetAccountDetailsGet the parameters set with Client_RegisterAccount
RakNet::Client_GetEmailAddressReturns the email address associated with a specific handle, invalid handle. This is used for password recovery
RakNet::Client_GetIgnoreListReturns all users I have ignored
RakNet::Client_GetPasswordByPasswordRecoveryAnswerReturns the password associated with a handle, if the passwordRecoveryAnswer is correct
RakNet::Client_GetPasswordRecoveryQuestionByHandleReturns the passwordRecoveryQuestion associated with handle, invalid handle
RakNet::Client_GetPresenceGets in-memory information about a user's login state, such as which game they are playing, or if they are playing a game This can also be a quick way to query if a user is logged in or not. If they are not logged in, presence will be set to Lobby2Presence::NOT_ONLINE
RakNet::Client_LoginLogon with a previously registered account
RakNet::Client_LogoffLogoff, after logging in
RakNet::Client_PerTitleBinaryStorageFor each combination of user and title, structures can be stored
RakNet::Client_RegisterAccountThis creates a new account in the database, which can be used in a subsequent call to Login. Most parameters are optional. handle is not optional, and must be unique using case-insensitive compare. emailAddress should be validated to have a sensible format, including an @ sign and a period with a 3 letter extension. allowLoginWithoutEmailAddressValidation is used in Client_Login to potentially disallow logon attempts with unverified email addresses
RakNet::Client_SetPresenceSets in-memory information about your login state, such as which game you are playing, or if you are playing a game Online friends will be notified when you presence changes For the XBOX, just use XUserSetProperty and XUserSetContext directly, as there is no analogue to this function
RakNet::Client_StartIgnoreAdds the specified user to an ignore list for my user. Recommended to store the primary key of the remote user, both for speed and so if the other use changes their handle it still works. The ignore list is checked for friend invites, emails, and elsewhere where indicated. Ignoring is uni-directional, so if A ignores B, A will block messages from B where appropriate, but B will not immediately block messages from A
RakNet::Client_StopIgnoreRemoves an entry in the database such that myHandle will no longer ignore theirHandle
RakNet::Client_UpdateAccountWill update any or all of the inputs that were previously passed to Client_RegisterAccount, except handle
RakNet::Client_ValidateHandleLooks up in the database if this handle is already in use, subject to the usual constraints of handles. This will be used by the user to quickly check for available handles
RakNet::CloudClientPerforms Post() and Get() operations on CloudMemoryServer
RakNet::CloudServerStores client data, and allows cross-server communication to retrieve this data
RakNet::CloudServerQueryFilterZero or more instances of CloudServerQueryFilter can be attached to CloudServer to restrict client queries All attached instances of CloudServerQueryFilter on each corresponding operation, from all directly connected clients If any attached instance returns false for a given operation, that operation is silently rejected
RakNet::CommandParserInterfaceThe interface used by command parsers
RakNet::Connection_RM3Each remote system is represented by Connection_RM3. Used to allocate Replica3 and track which instances have been allocated
RakNet::ConnectionGraph2A one hop connection graph
RakNet::ConsoleServerThe main entry point for the server portion of your remote console application support
RakNet::CreateRoom_FuncCreate a room. Each user can be in at most one room, so will fail if the user is already in a room
RakNet::CustomRoomPropertiesSet_NotificationThe custom properties for the room has changed
RakNet::DataCompressorDoes compression on a block of data. Not very good compression, but it's small and fast so is something you can compute at runtime
RakNet::Emails_DeleteDeletes an email with a specified ID. This ID is returned in GetEmail and should uniquely identify an email (it's fine to use the primary key). Note: Emails are not actually deleted from the database in this function. This just sets the deletedBySender or deletedByReciever flags. Emails are actually stored in a log recording past emails and sender and receiver primary key. They are not truly destroyed until done so with System_PruneAccounts
RakNet::Emails_GetReturns emails as noted. Emails which were marked deleted are not returned
RakNet::Emails_SendAdds to an emails table from myHandle (store primary key) to recipient handles (store primary key) the specified subject, body, and binary data. Emails are persistent, therefore emails should be stored in a separate table and referenced by the user. Deleting the user does not delete previously send email. Emails should have an automatic timestamp to store when they were created. Email should be flagged as sent=true (boolean), markedRead=true (boolean), deletedBySender=false (boolean), deletedByReciever=false (boolean)
RakNet::Emails_SetStatusSets the status flag for an email. This is a property defined by and used by the user
RakNet::EmailSenderRudimentary class to send email from code
RakNet::EnterRoom_FuncJoins a room if possible. If not, creates a room
RakNet::FileListNodeRepresents once instance of a file
RakNet::FileListProgressCallback interface set with FileList::SetCallback() in case you want progress notifications when FileList::AddFilesFromDirectory() is called
RakNet::FileListTransferA plugin to provide a simple way to compress and incrementally send the files in the FileList structure
RakNet::FileListTransferCBInterfaceUsed by FileListTransfer plugin as a callback for when we get a file
RakNet::FLP_PrintfImplementation of FileListProgress to use RAKNET_DEBUG_PRINTF
RakNet::Friends_AcceptInviteStores in the database that this user is now my friend. This is bidirectional, which is to say if someone accepts an add friend invite, they are my friend, and I am their friend. Recommended to store by primary key for speed and in case the friend's handle changes. Store in the emails table from my handle to their handle the subject, body, and binary data. Note: if myHandle is ignored by theirHandle, then the function fails. See AddToIgnoreList
RakNet::Friends_GetFriendsGets all friends to this user
RakNet::Friends_GetInvitesReturns all invites for this user
RakNet::Friends_RejectInviteRemoves from the database the pending add friend invite. Operation completes even if ignored. Unless ignored, store in the emails table from my handle to their handle the subject, body, binary data, and procedure type flag
RakNet::Friends_RemoveEnds a friendship between two users. Remove from the database the friend entry between my handle and their handle. As with accept add friend invite, this is bidirectional. Either user can terminate the friendship. Store in the emails table from my handle to their handle the subject, body, and binary data, and procedure type flag
RakNet::Friends_SendInviteStores in the database an add friend invite from my handle to their handle. The combination of my handle and their handle must be unique, so you cannot send more than one add friend invite to a single user. Sends an email to their handle the subject, body, and binary data. Note: if myHandle is ignored by theirHandle, then the function fails. See Client_StartIgnore
RakNet::FullyConnectedMesh2Fully connected mesh plugin, revision 2
RakNet::GetBanReason_FuncFor a given room, get the reason parameter of KickMember_Func when we were kicked out
RakNet::GetReadyStatus_FuncGets the ready states for every user in the room, excluding spectators
RakNet::GetRoomLockState_FuncGets the lock state of the room
RakNet::GetRoomProperties_FuncGiven a named room, return the properties of that room, including member list
RakNet::GrantModerator_FuncGive moderator to another player. Moderators cannot be spectators
DataStructures::Hash< key_type, data_type, HASH_SIZE, hashFunction >Using a string as a identifier for a node, store an allocated pointer to that node
RakNet::HiddenFromSearchesSet_NotificationThe room is now hidden, or no longer hidden, from searches
RakNet::HTTPConnectionUse HTTPConnection to communicate with a web server
RakNet::HTTPConnection::BadResponseEncapsulates a raw HTTP response and response code
RakNet::HuffmanEncodingTreeThis generates special cases of the huffman encoding tree using 8 bit keys with the additional condition that unused combinations of 8 bits are treated as a frequency of 1
RakNet::HuffmanEncodingTreeFactoryCreates instances of the class HuffmanEncodingTree
RakNet::IndexedBinaryValueUsed to unify different platforms for room search and search properties. Only applies if specifically used
RakNet::IndexedIntegerValueUsed to unify different platforms for room search and search properties. Only applies if specifically used
RakNet::InternalPacketRefCountedDataUsed in InternalPacket when pointing to sharedDataBlock, rather than allocating itself
RakNet::IsInQuickJoin_FuncReturns if you are waiting in quick join mode
RakNet::JoinByFilter_FuncJoins a room given the filter parameters and desired room member mode
RakNet::KickMember_FuncKick a member out of the room. This will also automatically ban that member from rejoining as long as the moderator does not change, or the member is unbanned
RakNet::LeaveRoom_FuncLeaves a room. You can leave at any time, even if the room is locked
DataStructures::List< list_type >Array based implementation of a list
RakNet::Lobby2ClientClass used to send commands to Lobby2Server
RakNet::Lobby2MessageA Lobby2Message encapsulates a networked function call from the client
RakNet::Lobby2PluginBoth Lobby2Server and Lobby2Client derive from this class
RakNet::Lobby2ServerThe base class for the lobby server, without database specific functionality
RakNet::Lobby2Server::ConfigurationPropertiesServer configuration properties, to customize how the server runs specific commands
RakNet::Lobby2Server_PGSQLPostgreSQL specific functionality to the lobby server
RakNet::LogCommandParserAdds the ability to send logging output to a remote console
RakNet::LogCommandParser::SystemAddressAndChannelOne of these structures is created per player
DataStructures::Map< key_type, data_type, key_comparison_func >
MemoryCompressorCompress one or more blocks of data
DataStructures::MemoryPool< MemoryBlockType >
RakNet::MessageFilterAssigns systems to FilterSets. Each FilterSet limits what kinds of messages are allowed
DataStructures::MLKeyRef< templateType >
RakNet::ModeratorChanged_NotificationThe room has a new moderator (possibly you)
DataStructures::Multilist< _MultilistType, _DataType, _KeyType, _IndexType >The multilist, representing an abstract data type that generally holds lists
RakNet::NatPunchthroughClientClient code for NATPunchthrough
RakNet::NatPunchthroughServerServer code for NATPunchthrough
RakNet::NatTypeDetectionClientClient code for NatTypeDetection
RakNet::NatTypeDetectionServerServer code for NatTypeDetection
RakNet::NetworkIDObjectUnique shared ids for each object instance
DataStructures::OrderedList< key_type, data_type, default_comparison_function >
RakNet::PacketThis represents a user message from another system
RakNet::PacketConsoleLoggerPacketlogger that logs to a remote command console
RakNet::PacketFileLoggerPacketlogger that outputs to a file
RakNet::PacketLoggerWrites incoming and outgoing messages to the screen. This will write all incoming and outgoing messages to the console window, or to a file if you override it and give it this functionality
RakNet::PacketOutputWindowLoggerPacketlogger that outputs to the output window in the debugger. Windows only
DataStructures::Page< KeyType, DataType, order >
RakNet::Platform_ShutdownPlatform specific startup. Unused on the PC
RakNet::Platform_StartupPlatform specific startup. Unused on the PC
RakNet::PublicKeyPassed to RakPeerInterface::Connect()
DataStructures::Queue< queue_type >A queue implemented as an array with a read and write index
DataStructures::QueueLinkedList< QueueType >A queue implemented using a linked list. Rarely used
RakNet::QuickJoinEnteredRoom_NotificationQuick join succeeded, and you are now in a room
RakNet::QuickJoinExpired_NotificationThe quick join duration has expired without joining or creating any rooms
RakNet::RackspaceCode that uses the TCPInterface class to communicate with the Rackspace API servers
RakNet::RackspaceEventCallbackCallback interface to receive the results of operations
RakNet::RackspaceEventCallback_DefaultCallback interface to receive the results of operations, with a default result
RakNet::RakNetCommandParserThis allows a console client to call most of the functions in RakPeer
RakNet::RakNetStatisticsNetwork Statisics Usage
RakNet::RakNetTransport2Use RakNetTransport if you need a secure connection between the client and the console server
RakNet::RakPeerMain interface for network communications
RakNet::RakPeerInterfaceThe main interface for network communications
RakNet::RakStringString class
RakNet::RakVoiceVoice compression and transmission interface
RakNet::RakWStringString class for Unicode
RakNet::Ranking_GetMatchBinaryDataBecause of the large amount of binary data potentially returned, this function is used to retrieve binary data for a particular match
RakNet::Ranking_GetMatchesGets matches recorded with Ranking_SubmitMatch ordered from most recent to least recent. Each returned match has all columns submitted to Ranking_SubmitMatch, except binary data, which can be retrieved with Ranking_GetMatchBinaryData. Additionally, each returned match returns the primary key of each match, to be passed to Ranking_GetMatchBinaryData
RakNet::Ranking_GetRatingGet rating for a player
RakNet::Ranking_GetTotalScoreWhen a match is submitted with Ranking_SubmitMatch, the total running score and number of matches played for each player for each game title and game mode combination should be recorded. Because matches can be pruned wth PruneMatches(), the total score sum and number of scores submitted should be stored, rather than summed up from prior submitted matches
RakNet::Ranking_PruneMatchesWill delete all matches submitted with SubmitMatch over PruneTime days old. Will also prune matches if the total storage space of all matches exceeds PruneSizeMB megabytes in the database
RakNet::Ranking_SubmitMatchWill record in the database the results of a match. This will store in the database the the match which is defined by the the match notes, match id, winner and loser participant primary keys, winner and loser participant scores, and binary data
RakNet::Ranking_UpdateRatingAdd or update a rating for a user, in a particular game and game mode
RakNet::Ranking_WipeMatchesDeletes all matches submitted with submit match. Also deletes all scores for all players associated with this titleName and gameType (e.g. same thing that WipeScoresForPlayer does, but for all players)
RakNet::Ranking_WipeRatingsDeletes all ratings for all players for this combination of titleName and gameType
RakNet::Ranking_WipeScoresForPlayerResets the sum of all submitted scores to 0, the number of scores submitted to 0
RakNet::ReadyEventPeer to peer synchronized ready and unready events
RefCountedObjWorld's simplest class :)
RakNet::ReliabilityLayerDatagram reliable, ordered, unordered and sequenced sends. Flow control. Message splitting, reassembly, and coalescence
RakNet::RemoteClientStores information about a remote client
RakNet::RemoveUserFromQuickJoin_FuncLeave quick join mode
RakNet::Replica3Base class for your replicated objects for the ReplicaManager3 system
RakNet::Replica3Composite< parent_type >Use Replica3 through composition instead of inheritance by containing an instance of this templated class Calls to parent class for all functions Parent class must still define and functions though!
RakNet::ReplicaManager3System to help automate game object construction, destruction, and serialization
RakNet::RoomDestroyedOnModeratorLeft_NotificationThe moderator has left the room, and everyone left is a spectator, or the room was set to be destroyed when the moderator left

You are no longer in the room

RakNet::RoomInvitationSent_NotificationYou have received an invitation to a room
RakNet::RoomInvitationWithdrawn_NotificationA previous room invitation is no longer valid (possibly due to moderator change, or the room no longer exists)
RakNet::RoomLockStateSet_NotificationThe room is now, or is no longer, locked
RakNet::RoomMemberHandleSet_NotificationA room member has changed their handle
RakNet::RoomMemberJoinedRoom_NotificationA room member has joined the room
RakNet::RoomMemberKicked_NotificationA room member has been kicked out of the room (possibly you)
RakNet::RoomMemberReadyStatusSet_NotificationAnother room member has changed their ready status
RakNet::RoomMemberStartedSpectating_NotificationAnother room member has started spectating
RakNet::RoomMemberStoppedSpectating_NotificationAnother room member has stopped spectating
RakNet::RoomNameSet_NotificationThe name of the room has been changed
RakNet::RoomsPluginUsed to create rooms for players where they can matchmake
RakNet::RoomsPluginFuncBase class for rooms functionality
RakNet::RoomsPluginNotificationBase class for notification callbacks
RakNet::Router2Class interface for the Router2 system
RakNet::RPC3The RPC3 plugin allows you to call remote functions as if they were local functions, using the standard function call syntax
RakNet::RPC4The RPC4 plugin is just an association between a C function pointer and a string
RakNet::RPC4GlobalRegistrationInstantiate this class globally if you want to register a function with RPC4 at the global space
RakNet::SearchByFilter_FuncReturn all rooms that pass the roomQuery filter
RakNet::SendInvite_FuncSends an invitation to someone
RakNet::SetCustomRoomProperties_FuncSets a table of user-defined room properties
RakNet::SetDestroyOnModeratorLeave_FuncSets or unsets to destroy the room when the moderator leaves the room
RakNet::SetHiddenFromSearches_FuncSet or unset the room hidden from searches. If a room is hidden from searches, it can only be joined through invitations
RakNet::SetReadyStatus_FuncSets or unsets the user as flagged 'ready'
RakNet::SetRoomLockState_FuncLock or unlock the room
RakNet::SimpleMutexAn easy to use mutex
DataStructures::SingleProducerConsumer< SingleProducerConsumerType >A single producer consumer implementation without critical sections
RakNet::SlotCountsSet_NotificationThe slot counts in the room has changed
RakNet::SocketDescriptorDescribes the local socket to use for RakPeer::Startup
RakNet::SQLite3PluginResultInterfaceHandles results of calls to SQLite3Plugin::_sqlite3_exec() Results from calling SQLite3Plugin::_sqlite3_exec() are handled in this callback. You should implement the callback, and let the plugin know about it via SQLite3Plugin::AddResultHandler() Be sure to call SQLite3Plugin::RemoveResultHandler() or SQLite3Plugin::ClearResultHandlers() if you delete the callback
RakNet::SQLite3ServerPluginExec SQLLite commands over the network
RakNet::StartSpectating_FuncBegin spectating. Spectators are considered room members that are not playing the game, only watching
RakNet::StopSpectating_FuncStop spectating. This will rejoin the room as a player, using a reserved slot if we were invited, and a public slot if not or if there are no reserved slots
StrAndBoolThe string plus a bool telling us if this string was copied or not
RakNet::StringCompressorWrites and reads strings to and from bitstreams
RakNet::StringTableWrites a string index, instead of the whole string
RakNet::System_BanUserBans a specific user (will be most likely called by a moderator). Adds the user's primary key to a ban table, along with the name of the moderator, the reason for the ban. Banning is used to prevent the banned user from logging on for some specified duration. A date column should be present and automatically filled in. When bans are expired, the ban can be deleted from the database. However, a separate table should log bans, so that even expired bans can be looked up in case
RakNet::System_CreateDatabaseCreate all tables and stored procedures on a system that does not already have them
RakNet::System_CreateTitleEach title essentially corresponds to a game. For example, the same lobby system may be used for both asteroids and Pac-man. When logging in, and for some functions, it is necessary to specify which title you are logging in under. This way users playing asteroids do not interact with users playing pac-man, where such interations are game specific (such as ranking)
RakNet::System_DeleteAccountFlags as deleted an account registered with RegisterAccount. Accounts are not actually deleted, only tagged as deleted
RakNet::System_DestroyDatabaseDestroy all tables and stored procedures created with System_CreateDatabase
RakNet::System_DestroyTitleDestroy a previously added title
RakNet::System_GetTitleBinaryDataGet the binary data set with System_CreateTitle
RakNet::System_GetTitleRequiredAgeGet the required age set with System_CreateTitle
RakNet::System_PruneAccountsUnused accounts are deleted. This is cascading, such that emails and other tables that reference this key are also deleted. unused accounts are defined as:
RakNet::System_RegisterProfanityAdds the input strings to a table of profanity. non-unique or empty strings can be ignored. This table will be used internally to ensure that handles and clan names do not contain profanity. Multiple calls add to the table. This table will be used for functions that take a user-defined string that is highly visible, such as clan and user names. It does not need to be checked for emails or message boards
RakNet::System_SetEmailAddressValidatedFor the client with the given handle, mark a column emailAddressValidated as true or false as appropriate. This is potentially used in Client_Login
RakNet::System_UnbanUserUnban a user banned with System_BanUser
RakNet::SystemAddressNetwork address for a system
DataStructures::TableHolds a set of columns, a set of rows, and rows times columns cells
DataStructures::Table::CellHolds the actual data in the table
DataStructures::Table::RowStores the list of cells for this row, and a special flag used for internal sorting
RakNet::TeamBalancerSet and network team selection (supports peer to peer or client/server)
RakNet::TelnetTransportUse TelnetTransport to easily allow windows telnet to connect to your ConsoleServer
ThreadPool< InputType, OutputType >
RakNet::ThreadsafePacketLoggerSame as PacketLogger, but writes output in the user thread
RakNet::TransportInterfaceDefines an interface that is used to send and receive null-terminated strings
RakNet::TwoWayAuthenticationImplements two way authentication
RakNet::UDPForwarderForwards UDP datagrams. Independent of RakNet's protocol
RakNet::UDPProxyClientCommunicates with UDPProxyCoordinator, in order to find a UDPProxyServer to forward our datagrams
RakNet::UDPProxyCoordinatorMiddleman between UDPProxyServer and UDPProxyClient, maintaining a list of UDPProxyServer, and managing state for clients to find an available forwarding server
RakNet::UDPProxyServerUDPProxyServer to control our instance of UDPForwarder
RakNet::UnbanMember_FuncAllow a member previously kicked out of the room to rejoin
RakNet::VariableDeltaSerializerClass to compare memory values of variables in a current state to a prior state Results of the comparisons will be written to a bitStream, such that only changed variables get written
Can be used with ReplicaManager3 to Serialize a Replica3 per-variable, rather than comparing the entire object against itself
BR> 1. Call BeginUnreliableAckedSerialize(), BeginUniqueSerialize(), or BeginIdenticalSerialize(). In the case of Replica3, this would be in the Serialize() call
2. For each variable of the type in step 1, call Serialize(). The same variables must be serialized every tick()
3. Call EndSerialize()
4. Repeat step 1 for each of the other categories of how to send varaibles

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