MemoryCompressor Class Reference

Compress one or more blocks of data. More...

#include <MemoryCompressor.h>

Inherits CompressorBase.

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Public Member Functions

bool Compress (char *input, const unsigned inputLength, bool finish)
void Clear (void)
 Resets the compressor and all data.

Detailed Description

Compress one or more blocks of data.

Member Function Documentation

bool MemoryCompressor::Compress ( char *  input,
const unsigned  inputLength,
bool  finish 

Compress a block of data. Pass true to finish if this is the last block in the series. If you don't know if it's the last block, you can call it again with 0 for inputLength

Data passed to input isn't necessarily immediately compressed to output. You can force a write by passing true to finish. Multiple calls concatenate the written data.
[in] input A pointer to a block of data
[in] inputLength The length of input
[in] finish Write the last of the data.

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