RakNet::FLP_Printf Class Reference

Implementation of FileListProgress to use RAKNET_DEBUG_PRINTF. More...

#include <FileList.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void OnAddFilesFromDirectoryStarted (FileList *fileList, char *dir)
 First callback called when FileList::AddFilesFromDirectory() starts.
virtual void OnDirectory (FileList *fileList, char *dir, unsigned int directoriesRemaining)
 Called for each directory, when that directory begins processing.
virtual void OnFilePushesComplete (SystemAddress systemAddress, unsigned short setID)
 This function is called when all files have been transferred to a particular remote system.
virtual void OnSendAborted (SystemAddress systemAddress)
 This function is called when a send to a system was aborted (probably due to disconnection).

Detailed Description

Implementation of FileListProgress to use RAKNET_DEBUG_PRINTF.
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