RakNet::NatPunchthroughServer Class Reference

Server code for NATPunchthrough. More...

#include <NatPunchthroughServer.h>

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Public Member Functions

void SetDebugInterface (NatPunchthroughServerDebugInterface *i)
virtual void Update (void)
 Update is called every time a packet is checked for .
virtual PluginReceiveResult OnReceive (Packet *packet)
virtual void OnClosedConnection (const SystemAddress &systemAddress, RakNetGUID rakNetGUID, PI2_LostConnectionReason lostConnectionReason)
virtual void OnNewConnection (const SystemAddress &systemAddress, RakNetGUID rakNetGUID, bool isIncoming)

Detailed Description

Server code for NATPunchthrough.

Maintain connection to NatPunchthroughServer to process incoming connection attempts through NatPunchthroughClient
Server maintains two sockets clients can connect to so as to estimate the next port choice
Server tells other client about port estimate, current public port to the server, and a time to start connection attempts

See also:
NatTypeDetectionClient See also http://www.jenkinssoftware.com/raknet/manual/natpunchthrough.html

Member Function Documentation

virtual void RakNet::NatPunchthroughServer::OnClosedConnection ( const SystemAddress systemAddress,
RakNetGUID  rakNetGUID,
PI2_LostConnectionReason  lostConnectionReason 
) [virtual]

Called when a connection is dropped because the user called RakPeer::CloseConnection() for a particular system

[in] systemAddress The system whose connection was closed
[in] rakNetGuid The guid of the specified system
[in] lostConnectionReason How the connection was closed: manually, connection lost, or notification of disconnection

Reimplemented from RakNet::PluginInterface2.

virtual void RakNet::NatPunchthroughServer::OnNewConnection ( const SystemAddress systemAddress,
RakNetGUID  rakNetGUID,
bool  isIncoming 
) [virtual]

Called when we got a new connection

[in] systemAddress Address of the new connection
[in] rakNetGuid The guid of the specified system
[in] isIncoming If true, this is ID_NEW_INCOMING_CONNECTION, or the equivalent

Reimplemented from RakNet::PluginInterface2.

virtual PluginReceiveResult RakNet::NatPunchthroughServer::OnReceive ( Packet packet  )  [virtual]

OnReceive is called for every packet.

[in] packet the packet that is being returned to the user
True to allow the game and other plugins to get this message, false to absorb it

Reimplemented from RakNet::PluginInterface2.

void RakNet::NatPunchthroughServer::SetDebugInterface ( NatPunchthroughServerDebugInterface *  i  ) 

Sets a callback to be called with debug messages

[in] i Pointer to an interface. The pointer is stored, so don't delete it while in progress. Pass 0 to clear.

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