RakNet::RakWString Class Reference

String class for Unicode. More...

#include <RakWString.h>

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Public Member Functions

 operator wchar_t * () const
 Implicit return of wchar_t*.
const wchar_t * C_String (void) const
 Same as std::string::c_str.
RakWStringoperator= (const RakWString &right)
 Assignment operators.
RakWStringoperator+= (const RakWString &right)
bool operator== (const RakWString &right) const
bool operator!= (const RakWString &right) const
void Set (wchar_t *str)
 Set the value of the string.
bool IsEmpty (void) const
 Returns if the string is empty. Also, C_String() would return "".
size_t GetLength (void) const
 Returns the length of the string.
int StrCmp (const RakWString &right) const
 Compare strings (case sensitive).
int StrICmp (const RakWString &right) const
 Compare strings (not case sensitive).
void Clear (void)
 Clear the string.
void Printf (void)
 Print the string to the screen.
void FPrintf (FILE *fp)
 Print the string to a file.
void Serialize (BitStream *bs) const
bool Deserialize (BitStream *bs)

Static Public Member Functions

static unsigned long ToInteger (const RakWString &rs)
 Has the string into an unsigned int.
static void Serialize (const wchar_t *const str, BitStream *bs)
 Static version of the Serialize function.
static bool Deserialize (wchar_t *str, BitStream *bs)
 Static version of the Deserialize() function.

Detailed Description

String class for Unicode.

Member Function Documentation

bool RakNet::RakWString::Deserialize ( BitStream bs  ) 

Deserialize what was written by Serialize

[in] bs Bitstream to serialize from
true if the deserialization was successful

void RakNet::RakWString::Serialize ( BitStream bs  )  const

Serialize to a bitstream, uncompressed (slightly faster)

[out] bs Bitstream to serialize to

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