RakNet::SQLite3ServerPlugin Class Reference

Exec SQLLite commands over the network. More...

#include <SQLite3ServerPlugin.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual bool AddDBHandle (RakNet::RakString dbIdentifier, sqlite3 *dbHandle, bool dbAutoCreated=false)
void RemoveDBHandle (RakNet::RakString dbIdentifier, bool alsoCloseConnection=false)
virtual PluginReceiveResult OnReceive (Packet *packet)
virtual void OnAttach (void)
 Called when the interface is attached.
virtual void OnDetach (void)
 Called when the interface is detached.
virtual void Update (void)
 Update is called every time a packet is checked for .

Detailed Description

Exec SQLLite commands over the network.

SQLite version 3 supports remote calls via networked file handles, but not over the regular internet
This plugin will serialize calls to and results from sqlite3_exec
That's all it does - any remote system can execute SQL queries.
Intended as a starting platform to derive from for more advanced functionality (security over who can query, etc).
Compatible as a plugin with both RakPeerInterface and PacketizedTCP

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool RakNet::SQLite3ServerPlugin::AddDBHandle ( RakNet::RakString  dbIdentifier,
sqlite3 *  dbHandle,
bool  dbAutoCreated = false 
) [virtual]

Associate identifier with dbHandle, so when we get calls to operate on identifier, we use dbhandle If SQLite3_STATEMENT_EXECUTE_THREADED is defined, will start the execution thread the first time a dbHandle is added.

true on success, false on dbIdentifier empty, or already in use

virtual PluginReceiveResult RakNet::SQLite3ServerPlugin::OnReceive ( Packet packet  )  [virtual]

OnReceive is called for every packet.

[in] packet the packet that is being returned to the user
True to allow the game and other plugins to get this message, false to absorb it

Reimplemented from RakNet::PluginInterface2.

void RakNet::SQLite3ServerPlugin::RemoveDBHandle ( RakNet::RakString  dbIdentifier,
bool  alsoCloseConnection = false 

Stop using a dbHandle, lookup either by identifier or by pointer. If SQLite3_STATEMENT_EXECUTE_THREADED is defined, do not call this while processing commands, since the commands run in a thread and might be using the dbHandle Call before closing the handle or else SQLite3Plugin won't know that it was closed, and will continue using it

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