RakNet::UDPForwarder Class Reference

Forwards UDP datagrams. Independent of RakNet's protocol. More...

#include <UDPForwarder.h>

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Public Member Functions

void Startup (void)
void Shutdown (void)
 Stops the system, and frees all sockets.
void Update (void)
void SetMaxForwardEntries (unsigned short maxEntries)
int GetMaxForwardEntries (void) const
int GetUsedForwardEntries (void) const
UDPForwarderResult StartForwarding (SystemAddress source, SystemAddress destination, RakNet::TimeMS timeoutOnNoDataMS, const char *forceHostAddress, unsigned short socketFamily, unsigned short *forwardingPort, SOCKET *forwardingSocket)
void StopForwarding (SystemAddress source, SystemAddress destination)

Public Attributes

short socketFamily

Detailed Description

Forwards UDP datagrams. Independent of RakNet's protocol.

Member Function Documentation

int RakNet::UDPForwarder::GetMaxForwardEntries ( void   )  const

The maxEntries parameter passed to SetMaxForwardEntries(), or the default if it was never called

int RakNet::UDPForwarder::GetUsedForwardEntries ( void   )  const

Each call to StartForwarding uses up two forwarding entries, since communications are bidirectional
How many entries have been used

void RakNet::UDPForwarder::SetMaxForwardEntries ( unsigned short  maxEntries  ) 

Sets the maximum number of forwarding entries allowed Set according to your available bandwidth and the estimated average bandwidth per forwarded address. A single connection requires 2 entries, as connections are bi-directional.

[in] maxEntries The maximum number of simultaneous forwarding entries. Defaults to 64 (32 connections)

UDPForwarderResult RakNet::UDPForwarder::StartForwarding ( SystemAddress  source,
SystemAddress  destination,
RakNet::TimeMS  timeoutOnNoDataMS,
const char *  forceHostAddress,
unsigned short  socketFamily,
unsigned short *  forwardingPort,
SOCKET *  forwardingSocket 

[out] forwardingPort New opened port for forwarding
[out] forwardingSocket New opened socket for forwarding

void RakNet::UDPForwarder::Startup ( void   ) 

Starts the system. Required to call before StartForwarding

void RakNet::UDPForwarder::StopForwarding ( SystemAddress  source,
SystemAddress  destination 

No longer forward datagrams from source to destination

[in] source The source IP and port
[in] destination Where to forward to

void RakNet::UDPForwarder::Update ( void   ) 

Call on a regular basis, unless using UDP_FORWARDER_EXECUTE_THREADED. Will call select__() on all sockets and forward messages.

Member Data Documentation

Forwards datagrams from source to destination, and vice-versa Does nothing if this forward entry already exists via a previous call

Call Startup()
RakNet's protocol will ensure a message is sent at least every 15 seconds, so if routing RakNet messages, it is a reasonable value for timeoutOnNoDataMS, plus an some extra seconds for latency
[in] source The source IP and port
[in] destination Where to forward to (and vice-versa)
[in] timeoutOnNoDataMS If no messages are forwarded for this many MS, then automatically remove this entry. Currently hardcoded to UDP_FORWARDER_MAXIMUM_TIMEOUT (else the call fails)
[in] forceHostAddress Force binding on a particular address. 0 to use any.
[in] socketFamily IP version: For IPV4, use AF_INET (default). For IPV6, use AF_INET6. To autoselect, use AF_UNSPEC.

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