Deprecated List

Class RakNet::AutopatcherServer::ResultTypeAndBitstream

Member RakNet::RakPeer::ApplyNetworkSimulator (float packetloss, unsigned short minExtraPing, unsigned short extraPingVariance)
Use instead.

Member RakNet::RakPeerInterface::ApplyNetworkSimulator (float packetloss, unsigned short minExtraPing, unsigned short extraPingVariance)=0
Use instead.

Member RakNet::RPC4::Call (const char *uniqueID, RakNet::BitStream *bitStream, PacketPriority priority, PacketReliability reliability, char orderingChannel, const AddressOrGUID systemIdentifier, bool broadcast)
, use Signal() Send to the specified remote instance of RakPeer.

Member RakNet::RPC4::CallLoopback (const char *uniqueID, RakNet::BitStream *bitStream)
Use RegisterSlot() and Signal() with your own RakNetGUID as the send target Send to the attached instance of RakPeer. See RakPeerInterface::SendLoopback()

Member RakNet::RPC4::RegisterFunction (const char *uniqueID, void(*functionPointer)(RakNet::BitStream *userData, Packet *packet))
Use RegisterSlot

Member RakNet::RPC4::RegisterLocalCallback (const char *uniqueID, MessageID messageId)
Use RegisterSlot and invoke on self only when the packet you want arrives When a RakNet Packet with the specified identifier is returned, execute CallLoopback() on a function previously registered with RegisterFunction() For example, you could call "OnClosedConnection" whenever you get ID_DISCONNECTION_NOTIFICATION or ID_CONNECTION_LOST

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