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Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/DependentExtensions/RakVoice.hVoice compression and transmission interface
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/DependentExtensions/Autopatcher/AutopatcherClient.hClient plugin for the autopatcher
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/DependentExtensions/Autopatcher/AutopatcherServer.hThe server plugin for the autopatcher. Must be running for the client to get patches
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/DependentExtensions/Autopatcher/AutopatcherMySQLRepository/AutopatcherMySQLRepository.hAn implementation of the AutopatcherRepositoryInterface to use MySQL to store the relevant data
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/DependentExtensions/Autopatcher/AutopatcherPostgreRepository/AutopatcherPostgreRepository.hAn implementation of the AutopatcherRepositoryInterface to use PostgreSQL to store the relevant data
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/DependentExtensions/Lobby2/Rooms/RoomsPlugin.hAdds networking to AllGamesRoomsContainer. Lets you create, join, search, and destroy matchmaking rooms for players
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/DependentExtensions/RPC3/RPC3.hAutomatically serializing and deserializing RPC system. Third generation of RPC
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/DependentExtensions/SQLite3Plugin/SQLite3ClientPlugin.hContains code to call sqlite3_exec over a network that does not support shared file handles
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/DependentExtensions/SQLite3Plugin/SQLite3ServerPlugin.hContains code to call sqlite3_exec over a network that does not support shared file handles
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/AutopatcherRepositoryInterface.hAn interface used by AutopatcherServer to get the data necessary to run an autopatcher
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/BitStream.hThis class allows you to write and read native types as a string of bits
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/CloudClient.hQueries CloudMemoryServer to download data that other clients have uploaded
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/CloudServer.hStores client data, and allows cross-server communication to retrieve this data
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/CommandParserInterface.hContains CommandParserInterface , from which you derive custom command parsers
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/ConnectionGraph2.hConnection graph plugin, version 2. Tells new systems about existing and new connections
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/ConsoleServer.hContains ConsoleServer , used to plugin to your game to accept remote console-based connections
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/DataCompressor.hDataCompressor does compression on a block of data
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/DirectoryDeltaTransfer.hSimple class to send changes between directories
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/DS_HuffmanEncodingTree.h[Internal] Generates a huffman encoding tree, used for string and global compression
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/DS_HuffmanEncodingTreeNode.h[Internal] A single node in the Huffman Encoding Tree
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/DynDNS.hHelper to class to update DynDNS This can be used to determine what permissions are should be allowed to the other system
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/EmailSender.hRudimentary class to send email from code. Don't expect anything fancy
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/FileListTransfer.hA plugin to provide a simple way to compress and incrementally send the files in the FileList structure
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/FullyConnectedMesh2.hFully connected mesh plugin, revision 2
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/GetTime.hReturns the value from QueryPerformanceCounter. This is the function RakNet uses to represent time. This time won't match the time returned by GetTimeCount(). See
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/HTTPConnection.hContains HTTPConnection, used to communicate with web servers
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/InternalPacket.h[Internal] A class which stores a user message, and all information associated with sending and receiving that message
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/LogCommandParser.hContains LogCommandParser , Used to send logs to connected consoles
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/MessageFilter.hMessage filter plugin. Assigns systems to FilterSets. Each FilterSet limits what messages are allowed. This is a security related plugin
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/MessageIdentifiers.hAll the message identifiers used by RakNet. Message identifiers comprise the first byte of any message
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/MTUSize.h[Internal] Defines the default maximum transfer unit
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/NatPunchthroughClient.hContains the NAT-punchthrough plugin for the client
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/NatPunchthroughServer.hContains the NAT-punchthrough plugin for the server
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/NatTypeDetectionClient.hContains the NAT-type detection code for the client
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/NatTypeDetectionServer.hContains the NAT-type detection code for the server
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/NetworkIDObject.hA class you can derive from to make it easier to represent every networked object with an integer. This way you can refer to objects over the network
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/PacketConsoleLogger.hThis will write all incoming and outgoing network messages to the log command parser, which can be accessed through Telnet
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/PacketFileLogger.hThis will write all incoming and outgoing network messages to a file
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/PacketizedTCP.hA simple TCP based server allowing sends and receives. Can be connected by any TCP client, including telnet
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/PacketLogger.hThis will write all incoming and outgoing network messages to the local console screen. See derived functions for other outputs
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/PacketOutputWindowLogger.hThis will write all incoming and outgoing network messages to a file
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/PacketPriority.hThis file contains enumerations for packet priority and reliability enumerations
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/PluginInterface2.hRakNet's plugin functionality system, version 2. You can derive from this to create your own plugins
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/Rackspace.hHelper to class to manage Rackspace servers
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/RakMemoryOverride.hIf _USE_RAK_MEMORY_OVERRIDE is defined, memory allocations go through rakMalloc, rakRealloc, and rakFree
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/RakNetCommandParser.hContains RakNetCommandParser , used to send commands to an instance of RakPeer
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/RakNetStatistics.hA structure that holds all statistical data returned by RakNet
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/RakNetTransport2.hContains RakNetTransportCommandParser and RakNetTransport used to provide a secure console connection
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/RakNetTypes.hTypes used by RakNet, most of which involve user code
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/RakPeer.hDeclares RakPeer class
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/RakPeerInterface.hAn interface for RakPeer. Simply contains all user functions as pure virtuals
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/Rand.h[Internal] Random number generator
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/ReadyEvent.hReady event plugin. This enables a set of systems to create a signal event, set this signal as ready or unready, and to trigger the event when all systems are ready
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/RefCountedObj.hReference counted object. Very simple class for quick and dirty uses
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/ReliabilityLayer.h[Internal] Datagram reliable, ordered, unordered and sequenced sends. Flow control. Message splitting, reassembly, and coalescence
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/ReplicaEnums.hContains enumerations used by the ReplicaManager system. This file is a lightweight header, so you can include it without worrying about linking in lots of other crap
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/ReplicaManager3.hContains the third iteration of the ReplicaManager class
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/Router2.hRouter2 plugin. Allows you to connect to a system by routing packets through another system that is connected to both you and the destination. Useful for getting around NATs
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/RPC4Plugin.hRemote procedure call, supporting C functions only. No external dependencies required
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/SimpleMutex.h[Internal] Encapsulates a mutex
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/SingleProducerConsumer.h[Internal] Passes queued data between threads using a circular buffer with read and write pointers
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/SocketLayer.hSocketLayer class implementation
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/StringCompressor.hCompresses/Decompresses ASCII strings and writes/reads them to BitStream class instances. You can use this to easily serialize and deserialize your own strings
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/StringTable.hA simple class to encode and decode known strings based on a lookup table. Similar to the StringCompressor class
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/TCPInterface.hA simple TCP based server allowing sends and receives. Can be connected by any TCP client, including telnet
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/TeamBalancer.hSet and network team selection (supports peer to peer or client/server)
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/TelnetTransport.hContains TelnetTransport , used to supports the telnet transport protocol. Insecure
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/ThreadsafePacketLogger.hDerivation of the packet logger to defer the call to WriteLog until the user thread
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/TransportInterface.hContains TransportInterface from which you can derive custom transport providers for ConsoleServer
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/TwoWayAuthentication.hImplements two way authentication
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/UDPForwarder.hForwards UDP datagrams. Independent of RakNet's protocol
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/UDPProxyClient.hA RakNet plugin performing networking to communicate with UDPProxyCoordinator. Ultimately used to tell UDPProxyServer to forward UDP packets
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/UDPProxyCoordinator.hEssentially maintains a list of servers running UDPProxyServer, and some state management for UDPProxyClient to find a free server to forward datagrams
d:/temp/RakNet_PC/Source/UDPProxyServer.hA RakNet plugin performing networking to communicate with UDPProxyServer. It allows UDPProxyServer to control our instance of UDPForwarder

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