Contains the CloudClient and CloudServer plugins. More...


class  RakNet::CloudClient
 Performs Post() and Get() operations on CloudMemoryServer. More...
class  RakNet::CloudClientCallback
class  RakNet::CloudAllocator
struct  RakNet::CloudKey
struct  RakNet::CloudQuery
class  RakNet::CloudServerQueryFilter
 Zero or more instances of CloudServerQueryFilter can be attached to CloudServer to restrict client queries All attached instances of CloudServerQueryFilter on each corresponding operation, from all directly connected clients If any attached instance returns false for a given operation, that operation is silently rejected. More...
class  RakNet::CloudServer
 Stores client data, and allows cross-server communication to retrieve this data. More...

Detailed Description

Contains the CloudClient and CloudServer plugins.

The CloudServer plugins operates on requests from the CloudClient plugin. The servers are in a fully connected mesh topology, which the clients are connected to any server. Clients can interact with each other by posting and subscribing to memory updates, without being directly connected or even knowing about each other.

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