RakNet::CloudQuery Struct Reference

#include <CloudCommon.h>

List of all members.

Public Attributes

DataStructures::List< CloudKeykeys
uint32_t startingRowIndex
 If limiting the number of rows to return, this is the starting offset into the list. Has no effect unless maxRowsToReturn is > 0.
uint32_t maxRowsToReturn
 Maximum number of rows to return. Actual number may still be less than this. Pass 0 to mean no-limit.
bool subscribeToResults
 If true, automatically get updates as the results returned to you change. Unsubscribe with CloudMemoryClient::Unsubscribe().

Detailed Description

Data members used to query the cloud

Member Data Documentation

List of keys to query. Must be at least of length 1. This query is run on uploads from all clients, and those that match the combination of primaryKey and secondaryKey are potentially returned If you pass more than one key at a time, the results are concatenated so if you need to differentiate between queries then send two different queries

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