RakNet::Lobby2Presence Struct Reference

#include <Lobby2Presence.h>

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Public Types

enum  Status {

Public Attributes

bool isVisible
 Visibility flag. This is not enforced by the server, so if you want a user's presence to be not visible, just don't display it on the client.
RakString titleNameOrID
RakString statusString
 Anything you want.

Detailed Description

Lobby2Presence is information about your online status. It is only held in memory, so is lost when you go offline. Set by calling Client_SetPresence and retrieve with Client_GetPresence

Member Enumeration Documentation

UNDEFINED  Set by the constructor, meaning it was never set. This is the default if a user is online, but SetPresence() was never called.
NOT_ONLINE  Returned by Client_GetPresence() if you query for a user that is not online, whether or not SetPresence was ever called().
AWAY  Set by the user (you).
DO_NOT_DISTURB  Set by the user (you).
MINIMIZED  Set by the user (you).
TYPING  Set by the user (you).
VIEWING_PROFILE  Set by the user (you).
EDITING_PROFILE  Set by the user (you).
IN_LOBBY  Set by the user (you).
IN_ROOM  Set by the user (you).
IN_GAME  Set by the user (you).

Member Data Documentation

Although game name is also present in the titleNameOrID member of Client_Login, this is the visible name returned by presence queries That is because Client_Login::titleNameOrID member is optional, for example for lobbies that support multiple titles. Set by the user (you) or leave blank if desired.

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