RakNet::SerializeParameters Struct Reference

#include <ReplicaManager3.h>

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Public Attributes

RakNet::BitStream outputBitstream [RM3_NUM_OUTPUT_BITSTREAM_CHANNELS]
RakNet::BitStreamlastSentBitstream [RM3_NUM_OUTPUT_BITSTREAM_CHANNELS]
RakNet::Time messageTimestamp
 Passed to RakPeerInterface::Send().
BitSize_t bitsWrittenSoFar
RakNet::Time whenLastSerialized
RakNet::Time curTime

Detailed Description

Parameters passed to Replica3::Serialize()

Member Data Documentation

For prior serializations this tick, for the same connection, how many bits have we written so far? Use this to limit how many objects you send to update per-tick if desired

Current time, in milliseconds. curTime - whenLastSerialized is how long it has been since this object was last sent

Last bitstream we sent for this replica to this system. Read, but DO NOT MODIFY

Set to non-zero to transmit a timestamp with this message. Defaults to 0 Use RakNet::GetTime() for this

Write your output for serialization here If nothing is written, the serialization will not occur Write to any or all of the NUM_OUTPUT_BITSTREAM_CHANNELS channels available. Channels can hold independent data

PRO RakNet::SerializeParameters::pro[RM3_NUM_OUTPUT_BITSTREAM_CHANNELS]

When this object was last serialized to the connection 0 means never

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