RakNet::SocketDescriptor Struct Reference

Describes the local socket to use for RakPeer::Startup. More...

#include <RakNetTypes.h>

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Public Attributes

unsigned short port
 The local port to bind to. Pass 0 to have the OS autoassign a port.
char hostAddress [32]
 The local network card address to bind to, such as "". Pass an empty string to use INADDR_ANY.
short socketFamily
unsigned int extraSocketOptions
 XBOX only: set IPPROTO_VDP if you want to use VDP. If enabled, this socket does not support broadcast to

Detailed Description

Describes the local socket to use for RakPeer::Startup.

Member Data Documentation

IP version: For IPV4, use AF_INET (default). For IPV6, use AF_INET6. To autoselect, use AF_UNSPEC. IPV6 is the newer internet protocol. Instead of addresses such as, you may have an address such as fe80::7c:31f7:fec4:27de14. Encoding takes 16 bytes instead of 4, so IPV6 is less efficient for bandwidth. On the positive side, NAT Punchthrough is not needed and should not be used with IPV6 because there are enough addresses that routers do not need to create address mappings. RakPeer::Startup() will fail if this IP version is not supported.

RAKNET_SUPPORT_IPV6 must be set to 1 in RakNetDefines.h for AF_INET6

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