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FileListTransfer Overview

Send and receive file(s) more easily

The FileListTransfer plugin is designed to send a list of files that have been read into the FileList class. It is similar to the DirectoryDeltaTransfer plugin, except that it doesn't send deltas based on pre-existing files or actually write the files to disk. It solely handles the networking part of sending files.


  1. Server: Call SetupReceive(...) with the address of a system to allow a file send, and a FileListTransferCBInterface derived callback handler to be called as the data arrives.
  2. Client: Encode the files you want to send into the FileList class.
  3. Client: Call Send(...) with your FileList class instance, a user-defined ID to identify this set of files, parameters to pass to RakPeerInterface::Send() or TCPInterface::Send(), and a boolean indicating if the files should be compressed or not. Compression is not very fast, so it's best to leave that off unless bandwidth is at a premium.
FileList Overview

The FileList class stores a list of files and data, and also contains utility functions for dealing with the harddrive in general. It was originally written for the Autopatcher, but can be used for your own purposes as well.

See FileList.h for a complete description of all functions and parameters.

/// Add all the files at a given directory.
void AddFilesFromDirectory(const char *applicationDirectory, const char *subDirectory, bool writeHash, bool writeData, bool recursive, unsigned char context);

/// Deallocate all memory
void Clear(void);

/// Write all encoded data into a bitstream
void Serialize(RakNet::BitStream *outBitStream);

/// Read all encoded data from a bitstream. Clear() is called before deserializing.
bool Deserialize(RakNet::BitStream *inBitStream);

/// Given the existing set of files, search applicationDirectory for the same files.
/// For each file that is missing or different, add that file to missingOrChangedFiles. Note: the file contents are not written, and only the hash if written if alwaysWriteHash is true
void ListMissingOrChangedFiles(const char *applicationDirectory, FileList *missingOrChangedFiles, bool alwaysWriteHash, bool neverWriteHash);

/// Return the files that need to be written to make \a input match this current FileList.
void GetDeltaToCurrent(FileList *input, FileList *output, const char *dirSubset, const char *remoteSubdir);

/// Assuming FileList contains a list of filenames presumably without data, read the data for these filenames
void PopulateDataFromDisk(const char *applicationDirectory, bool writeFileData, bool writeFileHash, bool removeUnknownFiles);

/// Write all files to disk, prefixing the paths with applicationDirectory
void WriteDataToDisk(const char *applicationDirectory);

/// Add a file, given data already in memory
void AddFile(const char *filename, const char *data, const unsigned dataLength, const unsigned fileLength, unsigned char context);

/// Add a file, reading it from disk
void AddFile(const char *filepath, const char *filename, unsigned char context);

/// Delete all files stored in the file list
void DeleteFiles(const char *applicationDirectory);

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