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 Packet Logger Overview

Log incoming and outgoing messages for debugging

The PacketLogger is a plugin that will print all incoming and outgoing messages for debugging. It parses the message where necessary, indicating if a message is an RPC, or a timestamp. It also converts the numerical MessageID into the corresponding string. The output by default is comma delineated, readable as a CSV file, and goes to the console with printf().

To change the output destination, derive from PacketLogger and override WriteLog();

Aside from PacketLogger itself, the following implementations are already included:

  • PacketConsoleLogger - For use with the ConsoleServer.
  • PacketFileLogger - Logs to a file. Call StartLog() to open the file.
  • ThreadsafePacketLogger - Same as PacketLogger, but delays WriteLog() until out of the RakNet thread. Use this if you do anything significant with the logs (anything other than printf).
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